Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review: Perfect for You by Kate Perry

Freya Godwin is the hottest thing in web site design.  So hot, in fact, that a very large account for an Adult Toy company specifically asked for her design genius.  Unfortunately for Freya, her ‘heat’ seems to have cooled significantly.  Perhaps it’s because she hasn’t gotten laid in….well…let’s not get into that!  It seems to be quite difficult for Freya to come up with erotic images when she hasn’t seen anything more erotic than a cucumber in quite some time!  Fearing for her job, Freya places a personal ad, looking for her muse…and to get some.  Yet the only person who seems to get her going is hated lawyer neighbor Greg Cavanaugh.

This is a fun little romp by Kate Perry.  Not for the mild-minded, though – lots of naughty situations!  But there is quite a bit of humor, too, both in the back-and-forth between Freya and Greg, and in the meddlesome activities of Kate’s little sister.

This was a great light read, perfect for heating up by the pool.  And trust me, you will get a little hot and bothered reading this delightful tale!

I won’t necessarily look for more of Perry, but I wouldn’t say no to her in the future, either.  Especially if I need a palate cleanser from a more serious read.

My rating: 3/5

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dragon Soul - BJ Whittington

As Thol started his day helping with the harvest, he never could have imagined how it would end.  At first, he thought the strange feelings were due to the herbs that he was harvesting.  Then came the changes – talons, wings? 

Dragon transformation isn’t exactly an oddity in Vedicville.  The hamlet has long been home to Dragon Hosts, the special people chosen by Dragon Souls to share a body and life.  Without fail, though, the Souls make their presence known when the Host is quite small.  No one has reached young adulthood like Thol without being aware of the Dragon within. 

Dragon Soul follows the story of Thol and his Dragon Soul as they learn to cooperate as one.  The town leaders of Vedicville strive to help the pair as best they can, but first the dragon must be found, for he flew off in a rage shortly after transformation.

I found this story very interesting.  I’m not really a dragon person, but the way these dragons are presented is unique.  They are much like parasitic beings, though it is taken a step further with the transformation.  I like the idea of a Soul and Host existing and working together, and the struggles this causes. 

Dragon Soul is the first in the Dragons in the Mist series.  If you had asked me a few months ago (when I actually read the book), if I would continue the series, I probably would have said no.  But now that I am thinking of the story again, I want to know what happens next with Vedicville.  A battle is coming, and I want to know how it all goes down!

My rating: 3/5

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

This was one of the more interesting reads of 2013 for me so far.   The premise is unique. A small town has made a deal - with the Devil? Death?  It's hard to say.  The inhabitants of' Claysville will stay relatively happy and healthy for their lives, eventually dying of old age. There is truly no downside for the residents of Claysville. But for the Graveminder and her Undertaker, it's a different story.


Passed on through the Barrow women, the task of being a Graveminder is not a simple one.. She alone must care for the Dead. Without proper care, the Dead won't behave. Assisting her in her job is the ever-faithful Undertaker.   He keeps her safe and aids the Graveminder in her travels.


Rebekkah is the new Graveminder in Claysville.  But she doesn't truly understand the job. Her grandmother taught her things, but Rachel never understood why.  And her grandmother Maylene didn't have the opportunity to finish the education before she was murdered.  The new Undertaker isn't much help either, as his father didn't tell him anything about his responsibilities.  In a town like Claysville, some secrets should be shared before it is too late.


As I said, this book is quite interesting.  There is so much more that I could write about the book, but in this case, it is much more fun to find out about the secrets as the characters do.  Go read the book!!!  I've just learned that Marr has written a short story based on the world of the Graveminder, Guns for the Dead, only 99 cents on Kindle! I'll be jumping on that one, for sure! I'm anxious to be back in their world.


My rating: 4/5

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hidden by Derick Parsons

Psychologist Kate Bennett has been brought in on a special case -- a young woman who seems to have set her home on fire in an drug-induced haze, killing her own mother.  The girl has locked herself up in her mind, and no one has been able to pull her out to get the truth.  Even though the evidence seems to point to the girl, Kate feels there is something more going on here.  Can she help the girl while fighting her own demons -- psychological and physical?
This was an interesting read, delving into mental struggles, their causes, and the results.  Most everyone has suffered from some sort of abuse during their life, and I find it fascinating to think about how different people deal with it.  Do we turn to food? sex? drugs?  Or do we turn around and make ourselves stronger, giving a big F*** You to our tormentor?  Hidden covers a little bit of all of this.  Not only the patient, but the caregiver and all of those surrounding the main characters seem to be suffering, dealing with scars.  I find it curious that Parsons did not make Kate Bennett, his main character, the healer, an appealing person at all.  Flat out, I didn't like her.  I didn't really want harm to come to her, but I hated how she treated some people, and how she behaved.  That feature on it's own made Hidden a book worth reading.  It was refreshing to not be rooting for, holding the banner for, the primary personality in a book. 
My rating: 3/5.  I don't think that I will look for another Parsons book, particularly in this subject matter.  It's gritty material, and I can only take little bits of it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Her Master's Touch by Patricia Watters

The opal. It's all he's been thinking about for 2 long years. Well, that and his freedom. And now here she is, that gypsy The woman who took  everything from him. Two years ago she was his housemaid. Sure, he was planning on making her into his mistress. But then she was gone, and so was his rare opal. The one thing that he could use to buy his good name, leave India, and go back home to England.

How could her father do this to her? First he insists that she attend this ball of his. Now this prince isn't really a prince at all, but the lying and murderous Lord Damon Ravencroft.  Not to mention devastatingly handsome and seductive.  This is the price she has to pay for being Lady Elizabeth Sheffield. .. giving up her Gypsy ways?

A little theft,  a lot of mystery,  and a ton of passion.  Her Master's Touch has the reader loving Damon then hating him. Angry with Elizabeth and then feeling sorry for her. The beautiful Indian setting is a powerful third character in the story,  helping Watters weave the thuck mystery and danger through the plot.

My rating: 3/5. I wouldn't seek out more by Watters,  but I wouldn't avoid her either.

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